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Six Steps to Choose High-Quality SPC Flooring

SPC flooring, also known as rigid core or engineered vinyl flooring, features a stone-plastic composite core and comes in luxury vinyl plank or tile format. It's typically made up of four or five layers, depending on whether the backing is foam or cork, with the backing often added for comfort and insulation. The comfort and pleasure of walking barefoot on the attractive and super-comfortable surface is just one of the many advantages of SPC flooring. The vinyl surface features beautiful designs that are visually appealing, while the embossed texture provides a pleasing tactile experience for the feet.


With the rapid popularization of SPC flooring in China, the quality of SPC flooring in the market varies greatly, making it difficult for consumers to choose high-quality products among numerous brands. Let's take a look at the SPC flooring buying guide, which guarantees you will choose high-quality SPC flooring. 


1.Check the color

The color of the SPC substrate is an important factor. The color of pure material is beige, while mixed material can be gray, blue, or white. Recycled material can be gray-black or black. The cost varies according to the quality of the material.


2. Touch and feel

The SPC substrate should feel delicate and moist to the touch. Recycled and mixed materials feel dry and lack moisture. Check for a smooth surface and good joint tightness when two pieces are put together.


3. Smell

There may be a slight odor for low-quality products that contain recycled or mixed materials. However, high-quality SPC flooring should not have any odor.


4. Measure thickness

Measure the thickness of the flooring with calipers or micrometers. The actual thickness should be about 0.2mm more than the labeled thickness. For example, if the manufacturer labels the thickness as 4.0mm, the actual thickness should be around 4.2mm. Low-quality products with thinner than labeled thickness are often made with substandard materials.


5. Snap the lock

Test the strength of the flooring's snap lock by trying to break it. High-quality flooring should be sturdy and not easily breakable.


6. Tear test

Collect several samples from different vendors and tear them apart at the corner to test the adhesion strength between the color film layer and the SPC substrate. This determines whether the flooring will peel off during use. High-quality SPC flooring has the strongest adhesion strength between the color film layer and the SPC substrate.

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