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Preparation for SPC Flooring Installation

Proper preparation of your sub floor is a crucial step before installing SPC flooring. Here are some important things to consider:


1. Sub Floor Condition

Check for any uneven surfaces or cracks and fill them up with cement-based patches if necessary.

2. Remove obstacles

Remove any obstacles from the room where you will be installing the SPC flooring to create a clear and open space for the installation.

3. Surrounding Temperature and Humidity

Make sure your room temperature does not fluctuate much (not more than 5°C) during critical period which is 24 hours prior to installation and minimum of 48 hours after installation.

4. Acclimatize Your New Fooring

It is important to let your new flooring adapt to the surrounding conditions where you plan to install it, at least 24 hours before installation. This helps the flooring to adjust to the temperature and humidity of the room, ensuring a stable and long-lasting installation.

5.Get Ready With Necessary Tools

6. Mark Your Layout

Before beginning the installation, mark out the layout of the room, including the starting point and the direction of the flooring planks. This will help you to avoid mistakes and ensure a neat and professional-looking installation.

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