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What is waterproof laminate flooring?

The Waterproof  laminate flooring also consists of the backing layer, the core layer, the print layer and a wear layer. We have successfully eliminated the use of plasticizers and PVC through the manufacturing process. The 100% organic wood fiber board makes degradation and recycling more feasible. Wood fiber with independently research and developed. Nano level environmental glue molecular recant the water go through the floor surface. The grey core board makes it different from other floor and need no waterproof coating for the bevel. Lastly you have the wear layer. This protects your floor and keeps it looking fantastic after 10 plus years.



·Real Wood liked Surface

·Lifeproof Flooring

·Extreme Stability

·Abrasion resistance

·Fire Protection

·Super Water Resistant

·Slip Resistant

·Easy for Installation(click)

·Formaldehyde Free

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